It can be confusing trying to find a qualified health practitioner for help with a particular emotional or psychological problem. In Ontario, the words “counsellor” and “therapist” are not regulated by the government – that means that anyone can refer to himself or herself in this way, regardless of training. So, it is wise to ask questions when you begin to see a new practitioner. Ask about previous training and experience, as well as credentials and qualifications.

Psychologists are highly trained in the areas of human behaviour, emotion, cognition, and both mental health and mental illness. Becoming a psychologist requires first an undergraduate university degree in psychology, and an additional minimum of 6 years of graduate training to earn a doctorate degree in psychology. Psychologists then participate in a year of supervised practice and three exams in order to register as a Psychologist with the College of Psychologists of Ontario, which sets guidelines for ethical practice.

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